Montel Palmer

Aye Papi / Las Cassetas Ultimas

Image of Montel Palmer - Aye Papi / Las Cassetas Ultimas
Record Label
Planet Rescue

About this item

REPRESS ALERT!!!! Montel Palmer (Fizzy Veins, TBZ & Peter Graf York) made their vinyl debut a while back with a couple of deadly little studio chuckles on 45. Now achieving higher hype thanks to the oddball electronics of their 'QUA?' LP, the Planet Rescue crew reissue their earlier activities.

"But what does it sound like Patch?"

I'll tell you my imaginary friend. Embracing electronic exotic in the wonkiest way, and bristling with bleeps, gurgles and some frankly rude bass tones, "Aye Papi" captures that very specific kind of horny you get after your third line of ketamine. Over on the flip "Las Cassetas Ultimas" sounds like a big bowl of Genesis P Orridge topped with golden syrup and served by some sort of biker cafe just outside the Thunder Dome. I don't think I cleared it up did I?


A. Aye Papi
B. Las Cassetas Ultimas

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