Kuroi Ame


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Pure Life

About this item

Another killer outing, with Manchester's own Pure Life recordings this time teaming up with US label VILL4IN for a vinyl release of 'Sacred'.

Dreamy, engrossing swells of synthetic ambiance and organic, shapeshifting instrumentation. 

We see a perfectly formed collaboration between Panta Rhei and CMD094, under the nom de plume Kuroi Ame, mixing throbbing percussion beneath euphoric pads and swirls of noise, before periodically launching into a snapping dancefloor IDM, drowned in a wash of reverb and echoic modular flickers. 

This is hugely inventive, eminently listenable and perfectly executed electronic music. An absolute gem. 


1. Looking For Someone 04:09
2. Underpass 04:52
3. Midori 04:07
4. Rain Inside 04:50
5. Electric District 03:31
6. Infinite Love 03:34
7. Abandoned Ballroom 04:39
8. Sacred 05:24 

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