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Black Pumas, the Austin duo of frontman/songwriter Eric Burton and producer/guitarist Adrian Quesada, are excited to release the deluxe reissue of their self-titled debut album, featuring 11 previously unreleased tracks including new songs and covers of Tracy Chapman and The Beatles.


Barry says: A beautiful groove-led juxtaposition of classic soul and simmering low-key funk, brimming with tenderly plucked guitars and phased Wurlis, all working their way around the momentum-filled majesty of Burton's perfectly fitting vocals. Stunning stuff.


Original Album:
1. Black Moon Rising
2. Colors
3. Know You Better
4. Fire
5. OCT 33
6. Stay Gold
7. Old
8. Confines
9. Touch The Sky
10. Sweet Conversations

Bonus Tracks:
1. Fast Car
2. I'm Ready
3. Red Rover
4. Black Cat
5. Politicians In My Eyes
6. Colors (Live In Studio)
7. Oct 33 (Live In Studio)
8. Confines (Live In Studio)
9. Know You Better (Live At C-Boys)
10. Eleanor Rigby
11. Ain't No Love In The Heart Of The City

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