Zmatsutsi, Tross & Houschyar

Various Lurkers

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Space Ritual

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Three extra special tracks from Zmatsutsi, Tross & Houschyar on the Leeds-based imprint: Space Ritual.

"Psychedelic Frogs Are Ok" takes cues from the current resurgence in 5-MEO-DMT and the Colorado River Toad; conjuring up a psychedelic sonic tapestry that transcends the planes of conciousness with extra-dimensional SFX and a richly transportative palette.

Trosss' "Gallium" is the kinda wacked-out, smoked-out, loose groove that might grace a Light Sounds Dark compilation. Flanging bass, sloppy breaks and sweeping FX insistant on keeping us upright but by no means stable.

Houschyar completes the collection with a gentle, electro-Balearic lullaby via the delicate plucked tones of "Einsteig". A dreamy fairytale that dissipates into the ether after nursing us into a relaxed slumber. Beautiful stuff.


Matt says: Tasty new Leed imprint, Space Ritual return with more digital psychedelic ceremonial music for the toad lickers and mushroom hunters!


A1. Zmatsutsi - Psychedelic Frogs Are Ok
B1. Trosss - Gallium
B2. Houschyar - Einstieg 

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