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Can you believe it's five years since Invisible, Inc. started releasing records?! Run by GK Machine, the label's been pivotal at unearthering lost, digital-only tracks from cult underground artists and re-issueing them on vinyl; alongside a plethora of incredibly strong new music from the current underground, often by artists with very little profile. Who knew such a formula would proove so popular (we did! - ed) but five years on and the label is a mainstay here at Piccadilly Records as well many other establishments who embrace the 'wierd shit' catagory with open arms.

Focussing on artists who provided much of his favourite music of last year; for the fifth anniversary of the label GK Machine has enlisted people like Anatolian Weapons, Youkounkoun, Puma & The Dolphin, Golden Bug & In Fields and TCB, alongside acts that have been the backbone of the label from the beginning: Sordid Sound System, Secret Circuit and Double Discone. It's a brilliant snapshot of this truly great label five years into fruition and still as vital as when it was first conceived.

For newcomers, expect immersing dips into modern kraut, voodoo percussion workouts, digital sonic shamanism and technicoloured, over-flowing Balearica. It's a magical listen, captivating and transportative in equal measure and probably one of the strongest releases we've got in this week! 


Matt says: Sick label this; celebrating five years of ingenuity and passion. A great snapshot of what they're about and featuring pretty much the whole roster of artists. Nice.


A1. Puma & The Dolphin - Nuances
A2. Anatolian Weapons Feat. Anna Vs June - Athanato Nero (Edit)
A3. Sigward & Oliver Sudden - Kailash (Edit)
A4. Double Discone - A Pas Feutrés
B1. Sordid Sound System - Lalo Fonua
B2. Golden Bug & In Fields - La Main Jaune
B3. Youkounkoun - Soixante Semaines
B4. TCB - Fluency Shaping
B5. Secret Circuit - Electric Garden

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