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Hot new edit drop here from Israeli duo Rabo & Snob, who explore the forgotten jams from the outer limits of Tel Aviv's 80's scene on this super fine EP. While the sounds of new wave and synth wave mainly dominated in the clubs of the city at that time, some artists also experimented with Italo music. On this EP Rabo & Snob pay tribute to those early pioneers of a new and different Disco-inspired electronic sound, and sprinkle some of their own magic dust upon it to make it both interesting and fresh.
"Inn Yan" embraces the weird dance by fusing a smooth and buoyant boogie groove with some serious atonal brass and unexpected looping. If you dug on the spiritual synthesis of Alice Coltrane's 'Ecstatic Music', that gives absolutely no indication of whether you're ready for the Italo pump and vocoded Krishna consciousness of "Hare Rama", but if you have ears and a pulse, you’ll probably love it. B1 bomb “Ego Incognito” comes correct with a little synth pop meets Euro disco camp, frothing away with cooing female vocals and cold wave style brass before percussive closer “Tik Wah Hood” stomps through a little ethno-core tribalism perfect for Multi Culti fans.

Enjoy the trip. 


A1. Inn Yan
A2. Hare Rama
B1. Ego Intrigo
B2. Tik Wah Hood

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