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Brownswood bring you a brand new project, STR4TA, borne from a recorded improvised jam session recorded ina back shed in London just before lockdown with the finishing touches made remotely. Inspired by the gritty DIY sounds of the cult 80s Brit-funk era (think Atmosphere, Sun Palace, Freeze etc), Str4ta is raw, energetic and soulful-fuelled music for the dancefloor; less concerned with impefections and focused on building up a fiery ball of energy.

“Aspects”, benifitting from an extended 12” duraction; meanders stylishly through a plethora of vertible Brit funk tropes – magical keyboard soloes, picked Stratocaster licks, male vocal chorus and of course, in-the-pocket bass and drum interplay that’d make a synchronized swim team jealous. Live and fired-up throughout, it’s hi-energy musicianship more than transfers onto the dancefloor where its most likely to find a raptous reception.

There’s a tasty dub included which plays around with phase and delay; adding a psychedelic flurry whilst giving it a gritty, tape fried aesthetic that should appeal to the more experimental listeners and dancers out there. Mega stuff indeed. 


Matt says: New shit from London. The Brit funk revival starts here!


A1. Aspects
B1. Aspects (Dub)

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