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Junction White 003 - Inc. AQXDM Remix

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Junction returns with 3 tracks by label owner Cool Tiger blending techno, breakbeat and bass music together, plus one mind-boggling remix by AQXDM (Aquarian & Deapmash).

"Hide & Seek" opens the EP with a combination of hypnotic vocals, unstable rhythms leading to a blast of breakbeats. Aquarian and Deapmash join their forces again as AQXDM for delivering a high-intensity ravey and atmospheric remix that defies catagorization with its break-neck acceleration and half-time swagger. On the flip-side, "I Feel You" provides the most club-focused track of the EP before the grand finale "Slave" which will plunge you into a dystopian world.

Artwork by Lucie Corbasson. 


Matt says: Marmite record and dare I say it, a little bit tooo wild for some of our listeners. However that AQXDM remix of "Hide & Seek" is defiantly lovable - a pneumatic drill of rhythms crushing thru impenetrable light fractals. Would absolutely demolish any main arena.


A1. Hide & Seak
A2. Hide & Seek (AQXDM Remix)
B1. I Feel You
B2. Slave

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