Gateway Shuffle

Digital Lifeline

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Open Space

About this item

For their second release, Open Space present an emotional 5-track EP by Alexander Folonari aka Gateway Shuffle stuffed with lush mid-tempo Balearic pop and slow bubbling acid club music. If you dig artists like Andras Fox, Benedek, Moon B, Pender Street Steppers & Caravan; plus labels like Ken Oath, Light Of Other Days, Mood Hut & Claremont 56, you're bound to enjoy the sounds contained on this lavish piece of wax.

Written and recorded in the Italian countryside of Chianti in late 2019.



Matt says: Anything produced in Chianti is gonna have an air of sophistication and class about it! Stick this next to a top shelf wine pairing for maximum buzz.


A1. Snapping
A2. Green Tribute
B1. Way Of Grace
B2. Digital Lifeline
B3. Vanishing Tides

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