Mameen 3

Incunbabula EP

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Planet Trip

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After making an instant impression with that wicked Caravan 12" last summer, Planet Trip have made a major argument for 2020's label of the year via a quick one-two from Symptoms Of Love and Borrowed CS, each offering their own take on the retro-futurist sound of the contemporary dancefloor. Not one to leave it in the hands of the judges, label boss Mike Who enlists the powers of Mameen 3 for the knockout blow. 

Repping Belgium via Morocco, Mameen 3 comprises of DJ, digger and curator of the always on point Elsewhere comps soFa and innovative producer Reda Senhaji aka Cheb Runner, whose refreshing approach tips the 'no boundaries no borders' sound only few can uniquely pull off. With approximately cock-all to do during lockdown, the collaborators have been hammering the hardware, and these four club cuts are the cream of their recent crop.

We take a magic carpet ride on "Ohwurm Boogie", as hard hitting snares and Egyptian Lover style bass blasts power through fx soaked perx and cosmic doodles, filling an Arabian night with a pitch bent lead line. Next up "Salsa Del Jeque" rocks the casbah with snaker charming lead lines, potion shop gurgle and a percolating acid bass fat enough to make your spoon stand up in your cup. Head to the B-side for the big and beefy EBM informed "Against The Wall", which chucks vocodered vocals, Middle Eastern synths and a body shaking bassline around a solid 4/4 finding a sweetspot between EBM and intergalactic electro. That ain't all folks though, and the weirder, wonkier and more rhythmic DJs should flock to the B2 for the break-y cartoon wobble of "Afrocordean", a strange and psychedelic little fella that's certain to wrongfoot your floor in the right way.


A1. Ohwurm Boogie
A2. Salsa Del Jeque
B1. Against The Wall
B2. Afrocordean

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