Bryony Jarman-Pinto

Dego & 2000Black Remixes / Fish Factory Sessions

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Taken from Bryony Jarman-Pinto’s critically acclaimed debut LP ‘Cage and Aviary’, “Sour Face” focusses on the wider frustrations of everyday life; “of break ups, environmental issues, the album and myself” she confesses.
Here the track gets rehauled by Dego in three ways. First up is his main remix, a shuffling, syncopated disco funk version turned to the neon with optimistic synth vamps and nudged into the club via a wriggling, acid tinged sequencer. On the 2000Black remix, the tempo drops to a soulful bump, the gorgeous vocal reinforced and future proofed with gliding electronics for the early doors DJ. An instrumental mix of Dego's main mix closes out the A-side, taking me right into the middle of Keep It Unreal's polite mosh pit!

The flip offers a selection of beautifully recorded as-live sessions of album tracks from the songwriter and vocalist, performed with a full band at London’s legendary Fish Factory Studios. “The sessions were meant to feel live, like a performance.” Bryony explains, “All the musicians have put their ideas into the songs, transporting them to somewhere beyond the album versions and allowing them to take on a new life”.


1. Sour Face (Dego Remix)
2. Sour Face (2000Black Remix)
3. Sour Face (dego Remix) (Instrumental)
4. All About Life (Fish Factory Session)
5. Sweet Sweet (Fish Factory Session)
6. Sun Kissed (Fish Factory Session)

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