Grant-Lee Phillips

Lightning, Show Us Your Stuff

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His tenth solo release bears the markings of his prolific output, a melodic prowess and an ear for lyric in everyday conversation. The album is grown from the same rich soil that Phillip’s long career, from Grant Lee Buffalo to his solo work has sprang from.

The result is a beautifully human musical tapestry. The warm, live on the floor, instrumental bed is the perfect support for Phillips’ inimitable voice. This spontaneous approach has become a tradition among his solo works. This record is supported by peerless drummer, Jay Bellerose (whose many credits include Raising Sand by Alison Krauss and Robert Plant) and bassist Jennifer Condos (heard on Bruce Springsteen’s Ghost of Tom Joad and other classics).


1. Ain’t Done Yet 
2. Drawing The Head 
3. Lowest Low 
4. Leave A Light On 
5. Mourning Dove 
6. Sometimes You Wake Up In Charleston 
7. Gather Up
8. Straight To The Ground 
9. Coming To  
10. Walking In My Sleep

Bonus 7" : Rag Town / Pink Rebel

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