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As God Intended

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Mello Music Group

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Buffalo & Detroit are America’s broken dream. They are once thriving cities, now known for frigid temperatures and violent crime. The cities were birthed in a different era, forged in fire, built of cold steel. It follows that the rawest hip-hop in recent memory has bled from these two regions. No two artists exemplify this hard truth more than legendary Detroit producer Apollo Brown and Buffalo’s maverick emcee Che’ Noir. The two artists came together to create a sound as natural as calm after the storm.

The soulful, head-nodding production of Apollo Brown has been a staple called on by some of the greatest to ever do it. From GhostfaceKillah to Danny Brown, and from Freddie Gibbs to Chance the Rapper, Apollo Brown’s signature style has become an iconic staple of the culture.

Meanwhile, Che’ Noir has stepped onto the scene as smoothly as any double dutch veteran. Having already worked alongside Benny The Butcher, Kool G Rap, and Fred The Godson, she has emerged as one of the most extraordinary New York talents heard in years.

The pair’s new album, “As God Intended”, drifts up and down city streets and offers a glimpse behind closed doors, telling the stories of gunshots, missing fathers, & playing the system.

The new album from Apollo Brown &Che’ Noir features Skyzoo, Blakk Soul, Planet Asia, Ty Farris, and Black Thought. Coming July 10th on Mello Music Group, it is exactly “As God Intended.”


Matt says: Can Apollo Brown put a foot wrong at the moment? Fire LP after fire LP seem to leave this guys studio on an almost monthly basis. I've been vibing off this since hearing it on bandcamp a few weeks ago and eagerly anticipating this gold vinyl edition. Honestly, Apollo is without doubt the hottest in the boom-bap business right now. And with Che' Noir's arresting, sultry, natural attitude and obvious hardship-influenced lyrics this is a match made in ghetto heaven! Already purchased by myself, I suggest you all follow suit!


1. Worth Gold
2. Anti-Social
3. The Apple
4. Blood Is Thicker
5. Hustle Don't Give
6. Freedom
7. Money Orientated
8. Follow The Wisdom
9. Winter
10. 12 Hours
11. Live By The Code
12. Hold It Down
13. Daddy's Girl
14. '94

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