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Black Rox returns with installment no.5 in the series. Their continuing voyage in bringing another set of unearthed-mother-earthed flavoured gems remains their goal.

Roots Unit are - once again - on the cutting and splicing side of things, this time tackling 2 rockets with afro-centric house leanings.

First up is 'This Poem', an alternative house take on the tune made most famous by Bobby Konders via his initial sample source, way back when. Percussive house beats mixed with deep stringy chords intertwined by THAT poem. Simple, effective and one that will lift many a dance floor.

Secondly we have 'Trenchtown Double Down'. This is an altogether moodier dub-house affair that sees Jamaica go to a lost New York garage party circa 1993.


Matt says: Coincidently, we've actually had the OG Bobby Konders "This Poem" version reissued this week too. Which leaves me to wonder if there's some inspired mash-up potential. Lee Perry vocal snips grace the flip side. What's not to like?!


Side 1
This Poem (Roots Unit Alternative Version)
Side 2
Trenchtown Double Down (Roots Unit Stepping Razor Version)

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