Olga Wojciechowska

Maps & Mazes

Image of Olga Wojciechowska - Maps & Mazes
Record Label
Time Released Sound

About this item

This first album proper from Polish composer/violinist Olga Wojciechowska was originally released on CD only by Time Released Sound, and has been out of print for some years. We are very pleased to be bringing you this long overdue vinyl re-press, in an edition of only 200 copies, each of which comes in a beautiful 24pt heavyweight jacket, with translucent 180gm disc.

Maps and Mazes is a stunning collection of 10 pieces that were originally written for various international theater and dance productions, and their overall feel reflects this performative nature. These electronically treated, modern-classical beauties are somewhat dark and moody at times, and with their elegiac violin and haunting horns are both elegant and absorbing, and the ultimately lingering effect is one of series of spine tingling, late night serenades.


Matt says: Sublime neo-classical / ambient / drone album from this Polish composer that seems to perfectly encapsulate the suspended crawl and drugery of day-to-day life in lockdown. You can easily lose a few hours with this on repeat!


Side 1
1. The White Spaces (2:53)
2. Primal Fear (4:21)
3. Melting Into Unknown (3:46)
4. Number Of Possible Worlds (3:37)
5. Walk My Shadow Home (5:42)
Side 2 
1. Lazy Indifference (3:42)
2. Resonating Memories (3:41)
3. Abandoned Words (5:05)
4. I'm Never Not Thinking About You (4:04)
5. Eternal Sunset (3:53)

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