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Exotica - Vinyl Reissue

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Jackpot Records

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Original Mono recording preferred by Martin Denny and featuring Arthur Lyman & Augie Colon. “Exotica” spawned an entire genre and the birth of the Tiki/Cocktail movement starts here.

As the name may suggest, this LP by the prolific Martin Denny spawned an entire genre. Originally released in 1956, “Exotica” is much more than a piece of history. First off, the songs are all outstanding. Based on jazz, folk and an imagined other, this is an early example of mind altering music, setting you in a dreamy state with its haunting melodies and the sound of wild animals in the jungle trees. Rhythmically rooted in Latin music, the LP sways from mambo via samba to bossa nova while asian harmonies drift above. Though these colorful tunes conjure scenes from indonesia and Japan, when you listen closely you'll recognize melodies that would fit well with US western movie soundtracks. On its original release, America was in thrall to the spage age movement, floating a few feet of the couch as the sci-fi sounds took hold. Denny was no different, so you might feel like flying away from time to time, but this journey always ends on a beautiful island in the South Pacific where pretty girls and boys dance to hot blooded savage rhythms. When you desire to rest your mind beneath palm trees and have a sip of your favorite tiki-cocktail, this is the ticket to your plane.


1. Quiet Village
2. Return To Paradise
3. Hong Kong Blues
4. Busy Port
5. Lotus Land
6. Similau
7. Stone God
8. Jungle Flower
9. China Nights
10. Ah Me Furi
11. Waipio
12. Love Dance

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