Metal Mirror

English Booze

Image of Metal Mirror - English Booze
Record Label
On The Dole Records

About this item

Metal Mirror - ”English Booze”45 rpm single from 1980 reissued for the first time ever!! Metal Mirror came from the Midlands and their lone single originally released in '80 is a loud and heavy ode to english booze that will leave you headbanging and craving for more... Pour another pint or two of luke warm ale or stout and flip the single over for the insanely rough and previously never before reissued ”Rock’n’Roll Ain’t Never Gonna Leave You” and you’ll be in DIY-metal-punk-pub-heaven.

The original artwork from 1980 is reproduced and the sound is carefully remastered.

File under: ”beyond essential listening for any rock’n’roll fan”.

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