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Marlowe is a collaborative alt-rap project from North Carolina-based hip-hop producer L'Orange and rapper Solemn Brigham. Their unique blend of quick-fire vocals and dusty breakbeats is most well-known on tracks such as "Lost Arts" and "Tales From The East." The project came together in 2018 with the intent of marrying Brigham's lyrics concerning social commentary, police brutality, and poverty with L'Orange's thudding beats and crackling vinyl samples to achieve a new, refreshing take on hip-hop in modern times. Marlowe 2 seeks to continue that legacy.


1. Marlowe Returns (intro)
2. Spring Kick
3. Small Business
4. Later With It
5. Otherworld
6. Snake Oil Scientist
7. Future Power Sources
8. Sawdust Underground
9. Paydirt
10. Eddy Appetite Repoed
11. Dead A Lot
12. Same Team
13. OG Funk Rock
14. The Machinations Of E.W. Godfist
15. Can't Have Me Nothing
16. LamiltonTaeshawn
17. Preach Honest
18. A Madman Of Conviction

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