Adult Fantasies

Towers Of Silence

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Always on hand to supply something strange and beautiful, Stroom's latest release is a retrospective of under appreciated Belgian art-rock outsiders Adult Fantasies, comprised of the best moments of the three albums they released between '88 and '94. Exploring the experimental fringes of avant garde, art rock, EBM and stark synthwave, Dirk Seghers and Gerrit Valckenaers combine the electronic and acoustic perfectly, entering the Cocteau sphere, then veering away into darker, heavier territories over the twelve tracks found here.


A1. Under A Steelplate Sky
A2. Parsi
A3. Life In Transit
A4. Lear
A5. Cage
A6. Pegan Litany
B1. Le Petit Chat
B2. Of Things Gone
B3. Daddy-Bear
B4. Twilight
B5. In Darkness I Dwell Renaissance Theme
B6. The Party Is Over

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