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HUUUUUUGE REISSUE right here for all my DJs and dancers. Sheffield in the house, literally!

Originally dropping on Toko back in 97, this bad mamma jammer has recently been introduced to a new generation of house heads, pushing prices for OG copies right through the roof. Fortunately, Piccadilly pal and distribution wizz Alec Greenhough and his All Ears cohost Chris Duckinfield are in fact half the team behind this bad ass record, making a reissue pretty straight forward. Working with regular collaborators Paul Ingall and Si Brad, and making excellent use of the infammatory Brass Eye coined Klarky Cat, the Sheffield All Stars cooked up one of the deepest, dopest and warmest house cuts you're ever likely to hear. Armed with a squirming bassline which never ever quits, "Gumbo" rolls through pillowy pads, delicate Rhodes licks and M1 strings, calmly strolling into the midst of your cerebellum and setting up camp. Hypnotic, smooth and seriously groovy, this is uplifting in the most wonderfully understated way - no wonder the kids are going mad for it. On the B1, the quartet take things a little darker with the techy pulse of "Custard Gannet", a masterclass in percussive nuance, spheric bass and synthesised funk. It remains for the "Blooty Mix" of "Gumbo" to put some addictive icing on the cake, translating the lead track into a progressive and hypnotic heater which begs twin copy deployment with the OG.


A. Gumbo
B1. Custard Gannet
B2. Gumbo (Blooty Mix)

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