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Under their one-off disco moniker, Leroy Burgess & The Fantastic Aleem Brothers produced this 1980 dancefloor wonder that finally gets its first deserved re-issue to celebrate its 40th anniversary. Frankly, you'll struggle to find a better example of where disco was at in 1980. The nimble bass and sizzling percussion of the 70s still holds centre stage, though cooler, jazzier piano and guitar hint towards the softer touch of the club soul which followed. Gorgeous string arrangements testify to some serious studio backing (albeit in its death throws) while the percolating moog sequence and spaced out synths drive the whole track into the near future. Remastered with love and respect and pressed on limited 7" vinyl for the true collectors, this release boasts the vocal and instrumental versions.


A1. Summertime
B1. Summertime (Instrumental)

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