Rebirth Of Gerberdaisy

Image of Boof - Rebirth Of Gerberdaisy
Record Label
Running Back

About this item

Crash! Pow! Bang! Boof! "Rebirth Of Gerberdaisy" is the fifth long player from Piccadilly favourite Morris Futon (Maurice Fulton) in his Boof guise, and it's every bit as bonkers and brilliant as everything else the producer has cooked up over the years. By now you should know the score, floatation tank pads, futuristic jazz tesselations, backwards-forwards-backwards basslines, oodles of mutant funk, live perx, drum machines, a mandatory one-two of TOUGH vacuum jackers and a touch of cannabis psychosis. 10 tracks across four sides of vinyl, conceived, composed and created by Maurice Fulton, presented by Running Back and Bubbletease Communications. Dopest shit!


A1. In The Building
A2. Chicken With Waffles
B1. Ana's F Is Chillin
B2. Japanese Indian Shrimp Curry
B3. Rebirth Of Gerberdaisy
C1. Luam Has Found Her Z
C2. Wind Tunnel
D1. The Force Is Going Backwards
D2. D To The A Train
D3. Aci Is With Her A

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