Hoyt Oppe / Lopebass

Image of Leoparden - Hoyt Oppe / Lopebass
Record Label
Lyskestrekk Records

About this item

Man, those Scandinavians are such kooky bastards right? Dressed in neon ski wear, pink velour and hiking boots, the Lyskestrekk crew have cooked up plenty of killer jams on their label so far, and this 7" just continues the run of party rockers. Packing the bong with the best bits of lounge pop, white funk, space disco and lovers dubbers, Leoparden put together a supremely summery double header of hazy, lazy groovers. On the A-side, "Hoyt Oppe" combines quiet storm keys and R&B sleeze with percolating percussion, squidgy bass and that G-Funk steam whistle, while B-side "Lope Bass" picks up a late 70s P&P signal to offer its own kind of atmosphere strut. 


A. Hoyt Oppe
B. Lope Bass

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