Maras / Posillipo / Proietti

Sfumature LP

Image of Maras / Posillipo / Proietti - Sfumature LP
Record Label
Archeo Recordings

About this item

Archeo come through with another stunning relic dusted down from a forgotten corner of Italian music culture. Fulvio Maras, Alfredo Posillipo and Luca Proietti originally released Sfumature back in 1992, and it's quite the spectacle to behold. Minimal synths provide an underlay for the tense sustained pads and Maras' tumbling percussion on "Panico Iniziale", while nimble hand drums spiral around woozy brass and delicate chimes on "Trombe Di Alfredo". The mood gets seductively dreamy on "Amori" thanks in no small part to the double bass playing at its core. Highly accomplished, inquisitive and utterly satisfying music occupying its own unique space.


A1. Gomma
A2. Panico Iniziale
A3. Deserto
A4. Sotto La Cascata (remix)
A5. Alla Casba
B1. Dura Lex
B2. Trombe Di Alfredo
B3. Amori
B4. Aura Due 
B5. Ballo Accorto 
B6. Alfredo Fantasy 
B7. Vertigini (Ambient Remix)

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