Philip Corner

Chord/Gong (With Carles Santos)

Image of Philip Corner - Chord/Gong (With Carles Santos)
Record Label
Unseen Worlds

About this item

New York, 1978, kindred composers Philip Corner and Carles Santos meet at the Bösendorfer piano of Charlemagne Palestine to record four-hand piano versions of Corner’s pieces “Chord” and “Gong!”. The result is a long-flowing distillation of the source of the two composers’ affinity: avant-garde practice of austere artistic devotion at play with perfect imperfections of the uncontainable human spirit.

A small cassette edition appeared in the late 1980’s and is now presented in a new digital restoration by Stephan Mathieu, alongside a limited edition of 300 vinyl records cut by Lupo.


Side A1.Chord: B Major / Bb Minor 9 [28:00]
Side B2. Gong! (Transcription For Low Strings) [21:10]

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