Martin Rude & Jakob Skøtt Duo

The Discipline Of Assent

Image of Martin Rude & Jakob Skøtt Duo - The Discipline Of Assent
Record Label
El Paraiso

About this item

Martin Rude (Sun River) & Jakob Skøtt (Causa Sui) team up for a genre-defying record that was recorded during an exceptional session on March 3rd 2020. Martin brought his Double Bass, Acoustic & Baritone guitar into the studio of Causa Sui, where Jakob's drums were already miked & prepped by soundwiz Jonas Munk, freshly tuned from the new Causa Sui recordings. The music they played ranges from sprawled out pre-fusion electric jazz to psychedelic folk ragas. After the sessions, the hours of free floating music was edited & dubbed by Jakob Skøtt into shorter cohesive segments, but maintaining the improvised vibe of these first takes.

It is a record that pays homage to the great innovators of jazz: Miles & Trane (or perhaps more fittingly their peak-drummers: Tony Williams, Jack DeJohnette & Elvin Jones), as well as Mingus at his fiercest or Sun Ra at his most exotic. Not merely a tribute, the album doubles down with guitar pickings ala John Fahey & Sandy Bull, as well as sparse layers of oddly-tempered mallet percussion and synthesizers. But perhaps the closest reference isn't something of a certain place in time, but rather a free flowing ethos of stoic proportions: letting happen what it may, turning the accidents and mistakes along the way into something vital. 


1. Flails & Strands - 5.02
2. A New Arrival - 3.18
3. Aurelius Dye - 3.20
4. Setenta Y Tres - 2.04
5. Sequoia Sketch - 3.18
6. The Slip - 2.29
7. The Short Sun - 2.45
8. Random Treasures - 3.55
9. Mountain Montage - 11.04

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