A O Gerber

Another Place To Need

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Hand In Hive

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"To me, this record is about fantasy," explains A.O. Gerber of her debut LP, Another Place To Need. "It’s about fantasy and loneliness, and about how living in the fiction of your own head can make you lonely." The Los Angeles-based artist will peak interest from fans of Angel Olsen and Big Thief thanks to her thought-provoking songwriting, as punchy and inspiring as it is intimate and deft. The A.O. Gerber story is just beginning and with Another Place To Need she is aligning herself as one of the most captivating indie newcomers to appear this year.


1. Old Blue
2. Strangers
3. In The Morning
4. Full Bloom

1. Tell Me
2. Every Time
3. Bleeders
4. All I've Known

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