Tim Burgess

Oh No I Love You (Love Record Stores Edition)

Image of Tim Burgess - Oh No I Love You (Love Record Stores Edition)
Record Label
O Genesis

About this item

Love Record Stores Edition available from 9am on Saturday June 20th.
Limited to one per person.

‘Oh No I Love You’ originally released in 2012 gets a Limited edition repress of 500 copies on Clear Green LP for Love Record Stores – Supporting Indie retail

“It’s so good to reacquaint myself with Oh No I Love You - sometimes albums can seem like friends from the past who you’ve lost touch with. So much emotion at the time and then you drift apart. It meant I got to work with a hero, Kurt Wagner - and meant I had a different role from normal. I was in charge of the music and he took care of the lyrics. We’re both hugely proud of the songs we made - I’m glad they’re having another little trip out into the world, and I hope they find some new friends”. Tim Burgess


01. White
02. The Doors Of Then
03. A Case For Vinyl
04. The Graduate
05. Hours
06. Tobacco Fields
07. Anytime Minutes
08. The Great Outdoors Bitches
09. The Economy
10. A Gain

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