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I'm A Stranger

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Just as Al Green’s “Back Up Train” was pulling out of Grand Rapids, Michigan, for a whistle stop tour to the top of the charts, producer Palmer James began eyeing another Furniture City branch line: Tommy McGee. The result was 1976’s Positive-Negative , the creative apex in a career littered with endless bottoms. Gathered for the first time are McGee’s timeless album, singles for Golden Voice, Mercury, TMG, and Tosted, as well as the complete output of his nascent mid-’60s funk combo the T.M.G.’s


A1 Tommy McGee - Come On
A2 Tommy McGee - It’s You
A3 Tommy McGee - We Ought To Be Together
A4 Tommy McGee - To Make You Happy

B1 Tommy McGee - Guilty
B2 Tommy McGee - Take Me Home
B3 Tommy McGee - Make Sure
B4 Tommy McGee - Takes A Little Time

C1 Tommy Mcgee - What Can I Do
C2 The TMGs - The Hatch
C3 The TMGs - Aggravation
C4 The TMGs - Takes A Little Time
C5 Tommy McGee - Give & Take

D1 Tommy McGee - Now That I Have You
D2 Tommy Mcgee - Stay With Me
D3 Tommy McGee - She’s Got Me In The Pocket
D4 Tommy McGee - Dancin’ To Ma Music
D5 Tommy Mcgee - I’m A Stranger (Part 1)

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