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Primitive Fuck - Repress

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Riot Season

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'Like The Stooges fucking a pizza to death' CLASSIC ROCK.

With the bands eagerly awaited second album due late Spring 2020 and a sold out tour with Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs still ringing in everyone's ears, the time seemed right to repress the bands 2018 debut 'Primitive Fuck' which upon it's original release actually sold out on pre order.

Black Helium are a four-piece formed in 2016 for a special one-off Halloween gig at the notoriously heady Guild Navigator club in East London, and have since then spread their sonic gumbo of hard-edged psychedelic head-fuckery and Neanderthal glam rock swagger across the country.

Heavy friends Stuart Gray (vocals/guitar), Beck Harvey (vocals/bass) Davey Mulka (guitar) and Ben Davies (drums) went on to record their debut, Primitive Fuck, at Hermitage Studios with Margo Broom in March 2017. Although, Ben Davies disappeared abruptly after recording his drum tracks after experiencing a ‘profound life-changing mystical occurrence’.

Influenced by bands such as Black Sabbath, Hawkwind, Amon Düül II and The Stooges; Primitive Fuck channels an era when psychedelic rock stood for mind expanding eclecticism, and hip shaking sonic hedonism in equal measure, moving from motor city heroism, to shapeless Kosmische ambient ego-death via space ritual riff worship. Now, with new drummer, Diogo Gomes on board, Primitive Fuck represents the birth of a band your psychiatrist warned you about.

‘Black Helium aren’t content to create nebulous explorations: these songs swig whiskey, stomp the dance floor into dust, and slam the door shut when a riff’s job is done.’ DECIBEL MAGAZINE

‘Chemically hazed colossus of mind morphing intent tripping third eye astral planes all the time crafting out a mesmeric mosaic of subliminal head messaging via slo-mo psych dream machine dissipates which all said ought to see it comfortably filed between your Cheval Sombre and Fuxa treasures.’ LOSING TODAY

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