Black Devil

The Last Cut Is The Deepest

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Lo Recordings

About this item

To follow the astonishing and final installment in the Black Devil story, it seemed fitting to ask two of the deepest and individual of producers to pay tribute to the Black Devil legacy.

The result is a spectacularly immersive release.

Pye Corner Audio is known for his otherworldy take on italo disco and nocturnal explorations into dusty electronica. His version of Berliner Atoll envisions a club scene filmed by Dario Argento, wreathed in smoke, lost in mirrors. Propulsive, dynamic and irresistible.

Abul Mogard excels himself with a gorgeous voyage into the abyss. Nearly 10 minutes of weightless psychedelic exploration. Utterly absorbing and the perfect soundtrack for taking LSD in a flotation tank.


A: Berliner Atoll – Pye Corner Audio Version
Aa: Sweet Sins – Abul Mogard Version

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