Major Surgery

The First Cut

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Only 500 were originally pressed of this Malcolm Mills produced LP in 1976. The music has aged well, in Weller's mix of stop-start surges and warbling warmth on Jubileevit, the dirgey Dog and Bull Fight, the soul-sax anthem Foul Group Practices and the bouncing Calypso Reg. Guitarist Jimmy Roche occasionally sounds like an interloper from a different gig, and Weller's solo loquacity is a hard act to follow throughout; but this accessible and inventive music has much appeal, with Weller establishing just why he was a great in the making, and Tony Marsh a firestorm at the drums. ---------- In my liner notes of the 2012 CD release of this album I recall that when the vinyl was issued in 1977

“I get five hundred LPs pressed...manage to sell a few hundred...keep the disappears into legend.” During a recent survey of my archive, I discovered the albums that I had kept. At the time of manufacture, the records were not shrink-wrapped and have consequently acquired a visible maturity. They are however, all un-played. I have chosen to make them available as a numbered, limited edition. Each album comes with this signed certificate of authenticity – Malcolm Mills


1. Dog And Bull Fight
2. Foul Group Practices
3. Jubileevit
4. Hoe Down Up
5. Shrimp Boats

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