Living On The Ceiling (Roman Flügel Remixes)

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Roman Flügel remixes the cult 1980s classic that is ‘Living On The Ceiling’ and the result is a killer, off-kilter slice of club-focussed machine funk that contains the same wonderfully bizarre cocktail of traits that Blancmange always boasted in spades. Eerie and schizophrenic but also both bright and triumphant. Also features the original and sought after extended mix.

“When I was asked to put my hands on the original tracks of Blancmange I was instantly excited. They were one of my favourite Bands when I grew up as a teenager in the 80’s. Listening to their music walking around with my Walkman back then was adventurous. Mainly because I was already in love with the aesthetics of synthesisers and drum machines. But also because it was unusual pop music with an extraordinary energy that made it in the charts. Remixing a favourite band is challenging but I’ve tried to keep the free spirits and playfulness in my mix that makes Blancmange still so special after all these years” - Roman Flügel


Living On The Ceiling (Roman Flügel Remix)
Living On The Ceiling (Roman Flügel Dub)
Living On The Ceiling 
Living On The Ceiling (Extended Version)

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