Ron Trent

Rites & Rituals Remastered

Image of Ron Trent - Rites & Rituals Remastered
Record Label
Prescription Underground

About this item

First in a series of official Prescription reissues that come bolstered with remastered editions and additional remixes from big Ron himself.

First up is Indigo Tracks, which may or may not be one of Ron Trent's many aliases. "Rites of Passage" was released on Precription in 1999 and pretty much defined the afro-house blueprint at the time. 

For PU001 Ron has dissected the track into two percussive instrumentals, plus included a feisty remix concocted in his own studio. Rather than simply a repress of this classic track, these are new interpretations that offer new life and inspiration alongside the original.


Side 1
1. Rites & Rituals (remix) (9:26)
Side 2
1. Rites & Rituals (Remaster 1) (6:47)
2. Rites & Rituals (Remaster 2) (6:02)

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