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Germany's premier proponents of handsome soft pop Balcony DC make a long overdue appearance in the good ship Piccadilly with gorgeous sophomore LP "Puma Pride". Taking a playful approach to their art, Chistoph Mü and Denny Thiele practise a particularly post-modern version of pop music, equally indebted to the sensual funk of Prince, slacker antics of Mac Demarco, lo-fi soul of Blood Orange and arch-vaporwave of Macintosh Plus.

Sounding like a glimpse of a future I want to live in, the eight cuts slink and shimmy through futuristic pop with a charming surprise around every corner. Syrupy beats and erogenous bass keep their own jaunty time in the rhythm section, lo-fi guitar licks burst out from beneath the dry-ice mist of synthesis and those falsetto vocals coo right into your ear - pillow talk for the valium generation. Currently getting maximum approval ratings from Ryan Horsebeach, Mine, Millie and yours truly (Patch), this is deeply dope folks.


A1. How To Deal With Love
A2. Appetite
A3. Eglantine
A4. OK
B1. How Could I Not?
B2. Mirror
B3. Bonfire 2009
B4. Humming Bird

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