LX72 Aka Lexx

State Of Resilience

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Lexx adopts the brand new LX72 alias for three tracks of vintage deep house. Powering up the moody organs, dusty drum boxes and glassy keys with a not-to-subtle tribute to the eyes-down, ‘red light and a basement’ sounds purveyed across the dancing cities of Detroit, Chicago, Manchester and London.

It's a formula we're well versed in here at Picc HQ, but Lexx's particular attention to detail, his incredibly well programmed percussion and the emotion conveyed through the various musical passages is nothing short of sublime; and is instantly comparable to some of the tastiest bits off Theo and Kenny's Sound Signature and KDJ Records respectively.

RIYL: Marcellus Pittman, Andres, Trus'me, Garth Be, KDJ, Theo Parrish, MCDE etc etc.


Matt says: Lexx turns his hand to the classic blueprint: dusty deep house with Detroitian leanings. And boy does he pull it off with some spectacular precision! Would we have expected anything less?!


A1. Lunatic Dolphin
B1. State Of Resilience
B2. Duster

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