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Operation Chaos

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Natural Sciences

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Mutant Joe returns on Natural Sciences with his debut vinyl release "Operation Chaos". Merging underground trap, booty bass aesthetics, lo-fi electro and Miami Bass tropes into some noxious head fuel! Guest collaborations from Freddie Dredd, YVNCC and Julien Andreas.

Raw and nasty, the tongue-in-cheek lyrical content belies an edgy, nuanced production style that's maverick and inventive. At home on the dancefloor as it is in blacked out & hotboxed Civics, the release explores the disruptive boundaries where urbanism and hedonism merge. Mega stuff here from the local firm. TIP! 


Matt says: Top drawer release from MCR's half-way house for nightclub freakz and mutant reprobates. A mix of booty, ghetto & electro tropes suitably vandalised and defaced by Mutant Joe.


A1. Hokus Pokus [Ft. Freddie Dredd]
A2. What U Thinkin [Ft. Freddie Dredd + Julien Andreas]
B1. Knick Knack [Ft. YVNCC]
B2. Like A Blunt [Ft. Freddie Dredd] 

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