E. Live

Whisper To Me

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Record Label
Star Creature US

About this item

Tempting us with some Summer (read: Spring) sunshine, the Star Creature cartel's ever-faithful renditions of modern funk, new boogie and bedroom soul music continues to remain top of the charts.

Regular starting 11, E Live heads up a home attack with two sides apparently dedicated to California.

I have to admit there's a sun scorched, urban swagger to both tracks which unfurl languidly like a stroll down Sunset Boulevard in the late afternoon swelter. Pitch bent keyboard licks decorate both tracks while searing synth-string patches provide that sexual tension. Add a voluptuous bottom end complete with heavily slapped bass and these are the early evening vibrations you need sir!

As always limited copies and very high demand.


Matt says: The No.1 brand continues. Regular signing E. Live bringing the modern funk flavours.


A1. Whisper To Me
B1. Intergalactic System Of Funk

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