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On an EP that lead singer and guitarist Harrison Swann says was “mostly written whilst on public transport” it deftly interprets a world in which throwaway culture is peppered with occasions of deeper meaning and importance, Swann even taking lines from adverts and signs as inspiration while traveling around the city. Talk Show by their very nature deal in moments - from the fleeting, the everyday and the unremarkable, to the deep, significant and life-affirming – and so it follows that “These People” was designed to capture a moment in time. Studio sessions were kept pacey, lively and energetic, as a way to reflect the live experience.

Resultingly, the nimble guitar work of Tom Holmes, the distinct emotional growl of Swann, and the clattering percussive march of rhythm section Chloe MacGregor and George Sullivan all coalesce to create a breathless, intense, hopeful and frustrated examination of modern living. Through the push and drive of tracks “Atomica” and “Petrolhead”, the lovelorn “Banshee”, and undoubted future-earworm “Stress”, “These People” pulls at tightened threads, shines a light into dark corners, under rocks, and finds a world - and people - worth fighting for. Love, adoration and frustration may be words that come to define “These People.”

In whatever way the EP hits home, “These People” opens the door to what will be a thrilling 2020. 


A1 Stress
A2 Atomica
B1 Banshee
B2 Petrolhead

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