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Hailing from Ann Arbor Michigan, DJ FLP makes his vinyl debut on new Vanity Press offshoot 3345 records. A 5 track vinyl that's suitable for play at either speed, we see footwork, jungle, lo-fi house and ghetto bass styles revamped and merged for 2020 enjoyment!

Unless you're opting for the Detroit sludge-inspired 33rpm playing speed, the original 45rpm recordings are hyperactive, meeting the needs of today's ADD-afflicted youth whilst tipping its hat to classic hi-octane dancefllor styles.

Flick to 33rpm and the tracks take on a noxious, late nite quality aligning themselves with Marshall Applewhite, The Fiend and labels like Yo Sucka! and Local Action.

Imperative, vital sounds to keep the underground alive - recommended.


Sil says: Krusty vibes and rave nostalgia ooze from this killer 12". A bit of drum 'n' bass and a pinch of techno via some breakbeat with a bit of Ariana dropped in. Groundbreaking? No. Fun factor filled? Totally.


A1. Liquid 2020
A2. Ariana F. Joon
B1. Kush Cloud
B2. Save File F. Joon
B3. Otherside

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