Tamburi Neri

Works #2 - Inc. Passarani Remix

Image of Tamburi Neri - Works #2 - Inc. Passarani Remix
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Les Disques De La Mort

About this item

TAMBURI NERI’s WORKS 2 is the first LDDLM release of the new decade. Following their acclaimed EP on Optimo, Claudio Brioschi (aka Brioski) and Andrea Barbiera further their exploration in stripping down their psychedelia. There is a long tradition of slo-mo tribalism in Italian dance music, cosmic or not. But Tamburi Neri dissolve the tribal decorum, focusing on the beat-as-heartbeat, and on Italian language as incantation.

INDIO, the faster paced track, has been a staple in our DJ sets, pure raw energy for when things get settled in darkness. RELIGION REBEL is an exercise in menacing trance-funk, whereas IL VORTICE puts the vocal forward, a track and a story.

We have been a fan of Marco Passarani for more than two decades, a man constantly reinventing himself and rewriting the history of Italian electronics. He here remixes RELIGION REBEL in some kind of power-balearic anthem, a record for, yes, ecstasy and sunsets.


A1. Indio
A2. Religion Rebel
B1. Religion Rebel (Passarani Remix)
B2. Il Vortice

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