Tornado Wallace

Midnight Mania

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Optimo Music

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Last time Tornado Wallace worked his magic in long form he treated us to "Lonely Planet", a gorgeous collection of Balearic house grooves which landed near the top of our end of year chart. Now the Berlin-based Aussie serves up a five track mini-LP for Optimo Music, channeling progressive house churn, trance idents and tribal percussion into the psychedelic assualt of "Midnight Mania". 
Presumably well into the toad, the Tornado finds a middle ground between the wild synth freak outs Baldelli and Loda dropped in cosmic mode, and the neon clad bangers which bounced round Goa a decade later. Shuffling rhythms, alive with hand drums and pitched percussion sit beneath wormhole sequences, snatches of cryptic vocal and bursts of techy melody, constantly propelling the listener forward through this nocturnal sonic playground.


Patrick says: Tornado Wallace lends his trance-inducing arrangements a darker shade of psychedelia here, fusing cosmic synth and prog house into a twisted soundtrack for the Goan full moon...


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