There’s Something Inside Me

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Intrepid Skin

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More slammers from the Copenhagen based rising techno flame. 

With Resident Advisor track of the year last year, Schacke is already known for his anthemic style of Copenhagen techno. This release is no exception, with "Role Modeling" following the foot steps of big hits like "Kisloty People" and "Trained To The Floor", sporting an entrancing bassline and catchy vocals.

Alongside VTSS, Schacke is spearheading a new, hard as steel gurders, industrial-tinged movement in techno. Fast tempos, unrelenting beats and dark atmospheres their ident, it's an arresting, scary and wreckless; harking back to the OG spirit of post-Berlin Wall Tresor, Rotterdam gabba and UK free party wildness. We love it! 


Matt says: Popper-quaffing gabba-techno from the new school Danish posterboy of 'Fast Copenhagen Techno' - official term!


A1. Role Modeling
A2. Full Contraction
B1. Hard Feelings
B2. Forever In Total Negation

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