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The First Coming

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First ever reissue of this extremely rare and off-the-radar soul album: "The First Coming" by Twylyte '81. Produced and released in 1981 in New Jersey and featuring the all-star musical trio of Alfred Brown Jr., Frank Jones Jr. & John Belzaguy, it contains a dazzlingly rich display of musicianship, with a warmth that should find it more than capable of captivating the living room at any given moment.

The perfect for a languid Summer evening, the galloping percussion and gentle jazz drums are the perfect accompaniment to Frank Jones' deep and gravelly vocals.

Original copies are rare-as-hen's-teeth! 


Side 1
1. Like A Ferris Wheel (4:44)
2. Chance To Love (3:56)
3. A Dreamer (6:49)
4. The Love We Lost (4:17)
Side 2
1. Time (3:15)
2. Some Go Up"(3:03)
3. Can I Change (3:01)
4. Take Our Love (4:48)

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