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Oaklands Space Ghost drops his new album on Apron. "FREE 2 B" is a detour between Space Ghost’s albums "Endless Light" (2018) and "Aquarium Nightclub" (2019). With Apron in mind and a bit of new found creative freedom, producing this album allowed Ghost to explore a different side to his influences. Shimmering house and glossy R&B sounds collide on this collection of 9 vibes.

Produced and Mixed by Sudi Wachspress Lyrics and vocals on “I’ll Be Yours,” by G’la.

All tracks recorded in East Oakland, CA 2018 - 2019 'Thanks for listening!' -SG


Matt says: Tantalizingly fresh new vibrations from Space Ghost on Funkineven's Apron label. An up-to-date mix of new boogie, deep house & electronic soul; galvanized by some wonderful production and elevated by a keen musical ear. A brilliantly sequenced collection of songs rather than tracks, Space Ghost embodies sophistication, musical intent and inventive songwriting across a succinct eight tracks. Check!


A1. Juno Fantasy
A2. Prayer For U
A3. Feelin Real Good (Vocal)
A4. Mystery Angel
B1. I’ll Be Yours Feat. G’la (Vocal)
B2 . Girl U Hypnotize Me
B3 . Love Beam
B4. Feelin Real Good (Instrumental)
B5 - I’ll Be Yours (Instrumental)

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