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The Wants’ debut full length “Container” is a meticulously self-produced art pop record, combining elements of post-punk, synth pop, and minimal techno. Opener “Ramp” is as pensive as they come, title track “Container” a deadpan meditation bound by a winding low pulse, while - atop a synth pop rhythm track that wouldn’t feel out of place on a Depeche Mode record - Velding-VanDam’s earnest and deceptively disarming lyrics on recent single “Fear My Society” tell the story of a man who realizes that the standards he lives by are no longer relevant. He feels alienated by the changing world and propagates the fears, principles, and rituals in which he feels he has irreversibly invested his life.


A1. Ramp
A2. Container
A3. Machine Room
A4. Fear My Society
A5. The Motor
A6. Aluminium
B1. Ape Trap
B2. Waiting Room
B3. Clearly A Crisis
B4. Nuclear Party
B5. Hydra
B6. Voltage

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