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Itinerant Dub 006

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Itinerant Dub

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Stored in a basement since 2016 and previously pressed on few acetates only. Acid-electro-dub-shamanism fused in pure Itinerant dub. Honestly, someone's been quaffing the moonrocks - this is some faarrrr ouuuttt shiiit maaann!!

Akin to some of the mushroom capers released on Tax Free, some of Andy Rantzen's most wacky, and with elements of Krikor's industrial crack and rattle; two crater-crawling acid-dub exercises strictly for the inebriated!

Limited quants, move quick! 


Matt says: Yup, you know I be feelin' dis!! Sometimes the occasion demands melting into your nearest star cluster as you natter to the space fairies. Record's like this open up the communication channels.


A. Dubplate 1
B. Dubplate 2

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