Nathan Fake


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Cambria Instruments

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Nathan rouses his Cambria Instruments label for his first album since 2017s ‘Providence’. ‘Blizzards’ is a returns to a clubbier sound, whilst keeping the melodic depth and rewarding narratives that have entranced his fans worldwide since his early records on Border Community and his seminal track ‘The Sky Was Pink’. Using a similar setup to his slamming live show, the album’s track were mostly recorded in one take with a deliberately limited hardware selection.


A1. Cry Me A Blizzard
A2. Tbilisi
A3. Pentiamonds
B1. Stepping Stone
B2. Ezekiel
B3. North Brink
C1. Vectra
C2. Firmament
C3. Torch Song
D1. Eris & Dysnomia
D2. Vitesse

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