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Chambre Noire Records

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Hot on the heels of its debut release, Montreal’s Chambre Noire is back with its second record: an EP by Québecois artist Vromb, a veteran producer around since the mid-90s, known in particular for his releases on Ant-Zen. Over the course of five tracks on vinyl (six in the digital version), the artist’s sounds seem to take on physical shapes, like living origami: constantly mutating as they open, close and transform into something else. With attention to movement and boundary-challenging textures, this EP is ready to ensnare listeners in a variety of contexts, from club environments to more contemplative environments.


A1. Rythme Centrique
A2. Manoeuvre Tronique
B1. Formation Triangulée
B2. Pliage Spirale
B3. Déploiement Panoramique

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