Ariel Pink

The Doldrums

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Mexican Summer

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Ariel Archives is a comprehensive series of reissues and retrospective collections concentrating on the treasure trove of material recorded and released by Ariel Pink as Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti. Ariel Archives Cycle 2 is comprised of The Doldrums, Worn Copy and House Arrest - representing Ariel Pink’s most classic recordings as Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti, the name used for his one-man recording venture between 1999 – 2004. Each release has been restored from the original cassette masters, which have been retransferred and remastered from single-track sources. The first volume of Ariel Archives featured new editions of Loverboy and Underground, plus a long-awaited follow up volume of rare and unheard tracks titled Oddities Sodomies Vol. 2.


1. Good Kids Make Bad Grown-Ups
2. Strange Fires
3. Among Dreams
4. For Kate I Wait

1. Haunted Graffiti
2. Gray Sunset
3. The Doldrums
4. Envelopes Another Day

1. The Ballad Of Bobby Pyn

1. Don't Think Twice (Love)
2. Until The Night Dies
3. Crying
4. Theme From Unreleased "Claris Gardens"
5. Let's Build A Campfire There
6. Young Pilot Astray

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